stm32f4xx_iwdg.c File Reference

This file provides firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the Independent watchdog (IWDG) peripheral: More...

#include "stm32f4xx_iwdg.h"
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#define KR_KEY_RELOAD   ((uint16_t)0xAAAA)
#define KR_KEY_ENABLE   ((uint16_t)0xCCCC)


void IWDG_WriteAccessCmd (uint16_t IWDG_WriteAccess)
 Enables or disables write access to IWDG_PR and IWDG_RLR registers. More...
void IWDG_SetPrescaler (uint8_t IWDG_Prescaler)
 Sets IWDG Prescaler value. More...
void IWDG_SetReload (uint16_t Reload)
 Sets IWDG Reload value. More...
void IWDG_ReloadCounter (void)
 Reloads IWDG counter with value defined in the reload register (write access to IWDG_PR and IWDG_RLR registers disabled). More...
void IWDG_Enable (void)
 Enables IWDG (write access to IWDG_PR and IWDG_RLR registers disabled). More...
FlagStatus IWDG_GetFlagStatus (uint16_t IWDG_FLAG)
 Checks whether the specified IWDG flag is set or not. More...

Detailed Description

This file provides firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the Independent watchdog (IWDG) peripheral:

MCD Application Team
  • Prescaler and Counter configuration
  • IWDG activation
  • Flag management
                         ##### IWDG features #####
     The IWDG can be started by either software or hardware (configurable
     through option byte).
     The IWDG is clocked by its own dedicated low-speed clock (LSI) and
     thus stays active even if the main clock fails.
     Once the IWDG is started, the LSI is forced ON and cannot be disabled
     (LSI cannot be disabled too), and the counter starts counting down from 
     the reset value of 0xFFF. When it reaches the end of count value (0x000)
     a system reset is generated.
     The IWDG counter should be reloaded at regular intervals to prevent
     an MCU reset.
     The IWDG is implemented in the VDD voltage domain that is still functional
     in STOP and STANDBY mode (IWDG reset can wake-up from STANDBY).          
     IWDGRST flag in RCC_CSR register can be used to inform when a IWDG
     reset occurs.
     Min-max timeout value @32KHz (LSI): ~125us / ~32.7s
     The IWDG timeout may vary due to LSI frequency dispersion. STM32F4xx
     devices provide the capability to measure the LSI frequency (LSI clock
     connected internally to TIM5 CH4 input capture). The measured value
     can be used to have an IWDG timeout with an acceptable accuracy. 
     For more information, please refer to the STM32F4xx Reference manual
                    ##### How to use this driver #####
     (#) Enable write access to IWDG_PR and IWDG_RLR registers using
         IWDG_WriteAccessCmd(IWDG_WriteAccess_Enable) function
     (#) Configure the IWDG prescaler using IWDG_SetPrescaler() function
     (#) Configure the IWDG counter value using IWDG_SetReload() function.
         This value will be loaded in the IWDG counter each time the counter
         is reloaded, then the IWDG will start counting down from this value.
     (#) Start the IWDG using IWDG_Enable() function, when the IWDG is used
         in software mode (no need to enable the LSI, it will be enabled
         by hardware)
     (#) Then the application program must reload the IWDG counter at regular
         intervals during normal operation to prevent an MCU reset, using
         IWDG_ReloadCounter() function.      

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