stm32f4xx_i2c.c File Reference

This file provides firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the Inter-integrated circuit (I2C) More...

#include "stm32f4xx_i2c.h"
#include "stm32f4xx_rcc.h"
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#define CR1_CLEAR_MASK   ((uint16_t)0xFBF5) /*<! I2C registers Masks */
#define FLAG_MASK   ((uint32_t)0x00FFFFFF) /*<! I2C FLAG mask */
#define ITEN_MASK   ((uint32_t)0x07000000) /*<! I2C Interrupt Enable mask */


void I2C_DeInit (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx)
 Deinitialize the I2Cx peripheral registers to their default reset values. More...
void I2C_Init (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, I2C_InitTypeDef *I2C_InitStruct)
 Initializes the I2Cx peripheral according to the specified parameters in the I2C_InitStruct. More...
void I2C_StructInit (I2C_InitTypeDef *I2C_InitStruct)
 Fills each I2C_InitStruct member with its default value. More...
void I2C_Cmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C peripheral. More...
void I2C_AnalogFilterCmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the Analog filter of I2C peripheral. More...
void I2C_DigitalFilterConfig (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint16_t I2C_DigitalFilter)
 Configures the Digital noise filter of I2C peripheral. More...
void I2C_GenerateSTART (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Generates I2Cx communication START condition. More...
void I2C_GenerateSTOP (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Generates I2Cx communication STOP condition. More...
void I2C_Send7bitAddress (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint8_t Address, uint8_t I2C_Direction)
 Transmits the address byte to select the slave device. More...
void I2C_AcknowledgeConfig (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C acknowledge feature. More...
void I2C_OwnAddress2Config (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint8_t Address)
 Configures the specified I2C own address2. More...
void I2C_DualAddressCmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C dual addressing mode. More...
void I2C_GeneralCallCmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C general call feature. More...
void I2C_SoftwareResetCmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C software reset. More...
void I2C_StretchClockCmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C Clock stretching. More...
void I2C_FastModeDutyCycleConfig (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint16_t I2C_DutyCycle)
 Selects the specified I2C fast mode duty cycle. More...
void I2C_NACKPositionConfig (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint16_t I2C_NACKPosition)
 Selects the specified I2C NACK position in master receiver mode. More...
void I2C_SMBusAlertConfig (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint16_t I2C_SMBusAlert)
 Drives the SMBusAlert pin high or low for the specified I2C. More...
void I2C_ARPCmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C ARP. More...
void I2C_SendData (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint8_t Data)
 Sends a data byte through the I2Cx peripheral. More...
uint8_t I2C_ReceiveData (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx)
 Returns the most recent received data by the I2Cx peripheral. More...
void I2C_TransmitPEC (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C PEC transfer. More...
void I2C_PECPositionConfig (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint16_t I2C_PECPosition)
 Selects the specified I2C PEC position. More...
void I2C_CalculatePEC (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the PEC value calculation of the transferred bytes. More...
uint8_t I2C_GetPEC (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx)
 Returns the PEC value for the specified I2C. More...
void I2C_DMACmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C DMA requests. More...
void I2C_DMALastTransferCmd (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, FunctionalState NewState)
 Specifies that the next DMA transfer is the last one. More...
uint16_t I2C_ReadRegister (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint8_t I2C_Register)
 Reads the specified I2C register and returns its value. More...
void I2C_ITConfig (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint16_t I2C_IT, FunctionalState NewState)
 Enables or disables the specified I2C interrupts. More...
ErrorStatus I2C_CheckEvent (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint32_t I2C_EVENT)
 Checks whether the last I2Cx Event is equal to the one passed as parameter. More...
uint32_t I2C_GetLastEvent (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx)
 Returns the last I2Cx Event. More...
FlagStatus I2C_GetFlagStatus (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint32_t I2C_FLAG)
 Checks whether the specified I2C flag is set or not. More...
void I2C_ClearFlag (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint32_t I2C_FLAG)
 Clears the I2Cx's pending flags. More...
ITStatus I2C_GetITStatus (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint32_t I2C_IT)
 Checks whether the specified I2C interrupt has occurred or not. More...
void I2C_ClearITPendingBit (I2C_TypeDef *I2Cx, uint32_t I2C_IT)
 Clears the I2Cx's interrupt pending bits. More...

Detailed Description

This file provides firmware functions to manage the following functionalities of the Inter-integrated circuit (I2C)

MCD Application Team
  • Initialization and Configuration
  • Data transfers
  • PEC management
  • DMA transfers management
  • Interrupts, events and flags management
                   ##### How to use this driver #####
     (#) Enable peripheral clock using RCC_APB1PeriphClockCmd(RCC_APB1Periph_I2Cx, ENABLE)
         function for I2C1, I2C2 or I2C3.
     (#) Enable SDA, SCL  and SMBA (when used) GPIO clocks using 
         RCC_AHBPeriphClockCmd() function. 
     (#) Peripherals alternate function: 
       (++) Connect the pin to the desired peripherals' Alternate 
            Function (AF) using GPIO_PinAFConfig() function
       (++) Configure the desired pin in alternate function by:
            GPIO_InitStruct->GPIO_Mode = GPIO_Mode_AF
       (++) Select the type, pull-up/pull-down and output speed via 
            GPIO_PuPd, GPIO_OType and GPIO_Speed members
       (++) Call GPIO_Init() function
            Recommended configuration is Push-Pull, Pull-up, Open-Drain.
            Add an external pull up if necessary (typically 4.7 KOhm).      
     (#) Program the Mode, duty cycle , Own address, Ack, Speed and Acknowledged
         Address using the I2C_Init() function.
     (#) Optionally you can enable/configure the following parameters without
         re-initialization (i.e there is no need to call again I2C_Init() function):
       (++) Enable the acknowledge feature using I2C_AcknowledgeConfig() function
       (++) Enable the dual addressing mode using I2C_DualAddressCmd() function
       (++) Enable the general call using the I2C_GeneralCallCmd() function
       (++) Enable the clock stretching using I2C_StretchClockCmd() function
       (++) Enable the fast mode duty cycle using the I2C_FastModeDutyCycleConfig()
       (++) Configure the NACK position for Master Receiver mode in case of 
            2 bytes reception using the function I2C_NACKPositionConfig().  
       (++) Enable the PEC Calculation using I2C_CalculatePEC() function
       (++) For SMBus Mode: 
         (+++) Enable the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) using I2C_ARPCmd() function
         (+++) Configure the SMBusAlert pin using I2C_SMBusAlertConfig() function
     (#) Enable the NVIC and the corresponding interrupt using the function 
         I2C_ITConfig() if you need to use interrupt mode. 
     (#) When using the DMA mode 
       (++) Configure the DMA using DMA_Init() function
       (++) Active the needed channel Request using I2C_DMACmd() or
            I2C_DMALastTransferCmd() function.
       -@@- When using DMA mode, I2C interrupts may be used at the same time to
            control the communication flow (Start/Stop/Ack... events and errors).
     (#) Enable the I2C using the I2C_Cmd() function.
     (#) Enable the DMA using the DMA_Cmd() function when using DMA mode in the 

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