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#define _FFCONF   80960
#define _FS_TINY   0
 When _FS_TINY is set to 1, FatFs uses the sector buffer in the file system object instead of the sector buffer in the individual file object for file data transfer. This reduces memory consumption 512 bytes each file object. More...
#define _FS_READONLY   0
 Setting _FS_READONLY to 1 defines read only configuration. This removes writing functions, f_write(), f_sync(), f_unlink(), f_mkdir(), f_chmod(), f_rename(), f_truncate() and useless f_getfree(). More...
#define _FS_MINIMIZE   0
 The _FS_MINIMIZE option defines minimization level to remove API functions. More...
#define _USE_STRFUNC   1
 To enable string functions, set _USE_STRFUNC to 1 or 2. More...
#define _USE_MKFS   1
 To enable f_mkfs() function, set _USE_MKFS to 1 and set _FS_READONLY to 0. More...
#define _USE_FASTSEEK   0
 To enable fast seek feature, set _USE_FASTSEEK to 1. More...
#define _USE_LABEL   0
 To enable volume label functions, set _USE_LABEL to 1. More...
#define _USE_FORWARD   0
 To enable f_forward() function, set _USE_FORWARD to 1 and set _FS_TINY to 1. More...
#define _CODE_PAGE   1252
 The _CODE_PAGE specifies the OEM code page to be used on the target system. Incorrect setting of the code page can cause a file open failure. More...
#define _USE_LFN   0
 The _USE_LFN option switches the LFN feature. More...
#define _MAX_LFN   255
 Maximum LFN length to handle. More...
#define _LFN_UNICODE   0
 To switch the character encoding on the FatFs API to Unicode, enable LFN feature and set _LFN_UNICODE to 1. More...
#define _STRF_ENCODE   3
 When Unicode API is enabled, character encoding on the all FatFs API is switched to Unicode. This option selects the character encoding on the file to be read/written via string functions, f_gets(), f_putc(), f_puts and f_printf().
This option has no effect when _LFN_UNICODE is 0. More...
#define _FS_RPATH   0
 The _FS_RPATH option configures relative path feature. More...
#define _VOLUMES   1
 Number of volumes (logical drives) to be used.
#define _MULTI_PARTITION   0
 When set to 0, each volume is bound to the same physical drive number and it can mount only first primaly partition. When it is set to 1, each volume is tied to the partitions listed in VolToPart[]. More...
#define _MAX_SS   512
 Maximum sector size to be handled. Always set 512 for memory card and hard disk but a larger value may be required for on-board flash memory, floppy disk and optical disk.
When _MAX_SS is larger than 512, it configures FatFs to variable sector size and GET_SECTOR_SIZE command must be implemented to the disk_ioctl() function. More...
#define _USE_ERASE   0
 To enable sector erase feature, set _USE_ERASE to 1. Also CTRL_ERASE_SECTOR command should be added to the disk_ioctl() function. More...
#define _FS_NOFSINFO   0
 If you need to know the correct free space on the FAT32 volume, set this option to 1 and f_getfree() function at first time after volume mount will force a full FAT scan. More...
#define _WORD_ACCESS   0
 The _WORD_ACCESS option is an only platform dependent option. It defines which access method is used to the word data on the FAT volume. More...
#define _FS_REENTRANT   1
 The _FS_REENTRANT option switches the re-entrancy (thread safe) of the FatFs module. More...
#define _FS_TIMEOUT   1000
 Timeout period in unit of time ticks.
#define _SYNC_t   void *
 O/S dependent type of sync object. e.g. HANDLE, OS_EVENT*, ID and etc..
#define _FS_LOCK   8
 To enable file lock control feature, set _FS_LOCK to 1 or greater. The value defines how many files can be opened simultaneously. More...

Detailed Description

CAUTION! Do not forget to make clean the project after any changes to the configuration options.

Copyright © 2013, ChaN, all right reserved.

FatFs module is a generic FAT file system module for small embedded systems. This is a free software that opened for education, research and commercial developments under license policy of following terms.

  • The FatFs module is a free software and there is NO WARRANTY.
  • No restriction on use. You can use, modify and redistribute it for personal, non-profit or commercial products UNDER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice.

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#define _FFCONF   80960

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